What Is Science of Mind?
Science of Mind is a spiritual philosophy, a faith and a way of life. It was developed in the early years of the 20th Century by Dr. Ernest Holmes, the Founder of the Science of Mind philosophy. He is not revered as a “guru” or considered someone given special insight by God, but is considered a great spiritual teacher, mystic and religious philosopher. We believe that God reveals its Truth to all who are ready and open to receive it.

He would tell you that he was a synthesizer of Truth, that he took the common thread of Truth that runs through all great faiths, science, philosophy and psychology and developed a way of life in which we may learn to create our life experience in a similar fashion as God creates all there is (although on a much smaller scale). How? Through our thinking, speaking and actions - which is the way all is created. “In the Beginning was the Word”.

Quite simply, if you would change your life, you must first change what you think about, what you focus your mind upon and what you speak about. As the Bible says: “As within, so without”. This basic truth is the key to all life. As you think, speak and choose, so your life will be. Your thoughts are Creative and your Word is power! This power is your birthright given to each of us by the Indwelling God.

The basic ideas of Science of Mind are to be found in Dr. Holmes’ seminal work “The Science of Mind” which forms the basis of the teaching. This book has been reprinted 36 times in 64 languages and is widely circulated and studied around the world.

In fact, many use the Science of Mind philosophy in concert with their own Church or Religious denomination. Many others attend Religious Science Churches across the U.S, Canada and in more than 20 other nations, with more being founded each year.

One thing that must be made clear: Science of Mind has no dos or don’ts, no dogma or creed and welcomes all people of all faiths, creeds, national origins, races or sexual orientations.

God is the Father and Mother of every human. All are welcomed most warmly at our table and in our House. We do not seek to convert or proselytize. We believe that when one is ready for Truth, the teacher will be found. There are many paths to God, ours is a very empowering one, but certainly not the only one.

May God Bless each day of your life.

What Religious Science (Science of Mind) Teaches
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"When Jesus said that we should believe even before we receive, he was explaining the operation of the mental Law of Cause and Effect.  If nothing is believed in Mind, Mind has nothing to act upon"

—Ernest Holmes